New Knowledge and Education for the Social Sector

Creating new knowledge for socially-driven organizations

Training and workshops for social sector organizations


Below is sampling of the most popular workshops that Aperio has conducted at conferences, training events and with clients. Many of these workshops and presentations can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Aperio will also create new workshops to meet particular educational needs. Our upcoming workshops can be found on the News and Events page.

Social Entrepreneurship - A practical guide to managing in tough times: This workshop is geared toward social sector organizations looking for practical advice and information during trying financial times.  Download examples of the two slide decks used: "Social Entrepreneurship - Challenges/Changes" AND "Strategic Plan: Emphasizing Creative Revenue Generation"

Pricing Strategies in a Social Context: Workshop that discusses challenges for pricing products and services within the context of social enterprise. This workshop provides an introduction to pricing basics as well as what should be considered before setting price.

Bootstrapping: Starting a Social Enterprise Without Much Money: Provides tips on methods to improve the viability of start-up enterprises by reducing the amount of upfront cash required to launch the business.

Idea Screening: Aperio takes an organization through the idea generation and screening process in order to narrow down feasible social enterprise ideas.

Overview of Commercial Enterprise: Overview of the social enterprise field including definitions and case studies interesting businesses and business models.

Commercial Ventures/Venture Philanthropy/Venture Capital: Introduction to the field of social enterprise and the emergence of venture philanthropy and venture capital as a means to support and finance entrepreneurial nonprofits.

Venture Philanthropy: Detailed presentation on the field of venture philanthropy, including case studies of successful venture philanthropists.

Entrepreneurial Funding Techniques: Presentation of various mechanisms for nonprofits and social purpose organizations to access financing for their social enterprises, including debt and equity options.

Sharing without Merging/ Management Service Organizations (MSOs): Presentation that provides an overview of management service organizations and the opportunities and challenges to creating the back-office support for multiple organizations.

Presenting Your Business Idea to an Entrepreneurial Funder: Tips on how to sell your organization and its ideas to funders that like to think entrepreneurially. Hands-on session emphasizing business to business communication and sales.

Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship: Various case-studies on social entrepreneurs, including the challenges they faced along the way and the lessons we can learn from them.

Spinning Off a For-Profit Subsidiary: Presentation on separating your social enterprise from the parent non-profit organization, including what should be considered, and various models that can be adopted.

Culture of Business: Presentation on incorporating the culture of business into your organization to encourage board members, management and staff to be more entrepreneurial

Planning for the Future: Workshop on helping organizations think introduce best practices into their strategic planning process. 

Evaluation and Logic Model: Workshop on helping organizations develop an evaluation framework and logic model for new or existing programs.