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Other Services

Besides our core services, Aperio also provides services in the areas of mentoring, earned income opportunities, governance, change management, venture philanthropy, entrepreneurial fund development, social purpose corporate development, and research.

Mentoring: Aperio provides mentoring support to organizations in a number of areas, including strategy development/deployment, financial management and governance. Aperio is able to draw on our extensive background and experience with organizations worldwide to assist organizations to overcome challenges and leverage opportunities.

Governance: Aperio can help with board development and other governance issues that are often faced by nonprofit organizations.

Change Management: Aperio has worked with many organizations undergoing various changes at the management, programmatic or funding levels.

Evaluation/Reviews: Aperio can help your organization evaluate specific programs to identify opportunities to enhance and develop your programming and service offering. 

Proposal Development: Aperio has worked with organizations to develop proposals that incorporate business approaches in project design. 

Venture Philanthropy: Venture Philanthropy is an emerging field in North America and across the world. Aperio actively works with leading organizations in the United States, Canada and the UK to help develop this model more fully, from the donor and/or recipient perspective. Aperio works with organizations that would like to take on a venture philanthropy approach, and organizations that would like to gain access to venture philanthropic funds.

Entrepreneurial Fund Development: Aperio can help your organization determine the best way to develop your funding base, including thinking through options such as loans, corporate investment and franchising. Aperio does not conduct traditional fundraising activities, but we facilitate creative, business-oriented approaches.

Social Purpose Corporate Development:

  • Socially Responsible Business Practice: Aperio works with corporations and other organizations to develop for-profit businesses that have explicit social outcomes. We assist organizations through the idea generation, business planning and start-up phases.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Many corporations are seeking to improve their business practices by ensuring that they are socially responsible. Aperio works with organizations to think through how to incorporate CSR into their corporate practices and business culture.
  • Corporate Strategic Giving: Aperio assists organizations with their charitable giving strategies.
  • Corporate Supported Charities: Aperio has experience working with corporations that create charities that support their ongoing business.

Research: In the course of developing business plans for our clients, Aperio has honed its skills in conducting market and analytical research.

Market/Value Chain Development: Aperio can help your international organization develop opportunities to incorporate commercial principles in their programming, whether through intervention reviews, proposal development, or capacity building. 

These are just a subset of ways in which Aperio can work with your organization. If you would like to learn more, please contact us